Our software

Software and good issue system - everything from a single source!

In addition to the hardware of our StoreManagerpro, the software of our systems was also developed in-house. We view this as a major benefit for our customers. Because a full version of the software is integrated into all of our systems and this enables our customers to use – without additional costs – all functional options of the software for an optimal storage and the secured product issue.

We know from experience that our customers – while using our systems – can see how they can continuously improve and optimize their storage and product issue by utilizing our software.

This is in contrast to the fact that many product issue system on the market use software of third party providers, which is designed modular and for which a seperate fee must be paid for each module.

User friendliness

A major aspect of the product issue is the user friendliness of the system. The clear and clearly arranged structure of our system and the intuitive operability of the menu through a touch screen makes it not obvious how versatile and comprehensive the depth options of the software really are.

Individual configuration

In addition to the freely definable user rights and the individually configurable menu control, we offer our customers different menu structures and opportunities such as, for example, the display as an image menu. The difficulty of the product issue is reduced to the clicking on an image on which the required product is shown. Of course, the menu language can also be adapted to the individual needs.

Cost transparency / analysis options

The purpose of an automated product issue should be to get control and transparency over the issued products. It should be traceable who removed what and when. When doing this, it should be possible to produce analyses that are simple and logically traceable in accordance with different criteria, such as product and/or product groups, users and/or user groups, appropriate time periods and/or order or machine numbers, etc.

As a standard, our software offers comprehensive options for different analyses. These analyses can be generated and transmitted automatically and/or, the data used for the analyses will be handed over to a connected ERP system.

Automated inventory volume administration / automatic order

Our software offers the option to define a minimum volume for each stored product (and each established product group). A defined order volume will be triggered once this minimum volume has been reached. The order is send directly to the supplier and/or as an ordering suggestion to the purchasing department. This means that the system itself administers, on request, all stored products and an additional effort for the administration of these inventories is not required.

This functionality of the automatic inventory volume administration can also be transmitted as a dataset to an existing ERP system.