Additional systems


In addition to the extension devices, other supplemental devices can also be connected to your StoreManagerpro main device. This means that our product issue systems can be adapted individually and optimally to your needs. Our intelligently integrated supplemental systems also permit the storage of especially long or bulky products.

The supplemental systems provide similar benefits as the StoreManagerpro and are also freely expandable because the control is provided by an existing StoreManagerpro or by a dedicated integrated control unit.

The current systems are currently available

Drawer cabinet
The drawer cabinet is also managed by the StoreManagerpro and also provides a variety of freely selectable compartment sizes and drawer configurations, particularly for long and large items.

The number and width of drawers may be freely configured just like the interior of the individual drawers.

We are pleased to send you the detailed documentation on request!
Locker system
In addition, our locker system guarantees a secure individual removal since it also can be managed by the StoreManagerpro or a separate control unit. Various compartment sizes which can be configured freely according to your requirements enable the secure storage of bulky goods. Optionally, a power supply in the individual compartments is possible; this would always keep your electronic equipment in good working order, for example.

We are also pleased to provide detailed consultations!
Storage lift system
Our software also allows you to control storage lift systems (e.g. by Kardex Remstar or Hänel). We are glad to give you advice on purchasing a new system or integrating your existing equipment.


The StoreManagerstart of course offers the option to expand it by the connection of supplemental systems (drawer cabinets without PC) and they are available in different sizes.

However, if the offered storage options are not adequate for your purposes, please contact us. We would be pleased to help you find the right product issue system!

Additional drawer cabinets (without PC)

Additional system A - 717 x 725 mm
This supplemental system has the same length and width as the main system, however, it is also available in different heights (outside dimensions):

700 mm
850 mm
1.000 mm
1.150 mm
1.450 mm
Additional system B - 1.023 x 725 mm
This supplemental system is larger than the main system, however, it can only be equipped with drawers and not with shelfs. The following heights (outside dimensions) are available:

700 mm
850 mm
1.000 mm
1.450 mm