The StoreManagerpro is our top product. With its individually configurable carousel and a footprint of 1.5 m², it offers up to 2,160 individual storage places – more that any other available system on the market.

Another unique feature of this goods issue system can be found in the fact that the hardware and software is from a single source and that we do not depend on third parties for development or production.

Summary of benefits


  • Real cost transparency and 100% access control through secured individual removal
  • Availability 24/7
  • Individual packing size dependent warehouse management for consumables and loan products
  • Allocation of the removal to cost centers, order or machine numbers
  • Variable shelf occupation, can be changed individually
  • Automatic re-ordering when minimum inventories are reached (autonomous or after release)
  • Automatic inventory analysis
  • No separate maintenance access required – maintenance door is in the front area and this permits an installation space at the wall, in corners as well as recesses.
  • Cost per shelf below € 15.00 (depending on version)
  • Space requirements of less than 1.5 m²
  • Interfaces to all established ERP and CAx programs
  • Multiple supplier capability

The most important basic data

StoreManager 2160 – with up to 2.160 compartments
StoreManager 1080 – with up to 1.080 compartments
Each as a main system and an expansion system (without PC) available.
1,20 m x 1,20 m x 2,00 m
The operating dimensions apply for both variants.
approx. 260 kg
Power supply
230 V / 50 Hz (uninterrupted power supply from a USV module in case of a power outage)
Schuko plug
Network connection
LAN connector / GSM module
Operating system
Windows 10
SQL-Server 2019
Interfaces to ERP Systems
SAP, abas, Acam, Gewatec, ...
Hardware is completely maintenance-free
Emergency access
Lockable front maintenance door permits manual access in exceptional situations –> 100% availability

The inner life of the StoreManagerpro can be equipped with up to 2,160 compartments and can be individually customized according to your requirements. You may choose from four compartment sizes which allows for the highest functionality in your day-to-day work. Depending on the version you require, the costs per compartment can be as low as EUR 15.00. (all depths are 205 mm)

Shelf configuration

Compartment 1 (small)

L x W x H: 3205 x 34 x 52 mm

Compartment 2 (narrow / tall)

L x W x H: 205 x 34 x 104 mm

Compartment 3 (wide / short)

L x W x H: 205 x 110 x 52 mm

Compartment 6 (wide / tall)

L x W x H: 205 x 110 x 104 mm